Importing Customers To ShopHub

How to move your current loyalty app customers to ShopHub

Joshua Sparkes

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Moving to ShopHub is easy. This article explains the simple steps to move your current loyalty customers and their points, into ShopHub with the right amount of Stamps.

1. Export Loyalty Customers

Most loyalty apps allow you to export your loyalty customers into a .csv file. You only need customers' email addresses and their points balance in this file.

2. Turn Points Into Stamps

Its completely up to you how much loyalty points are worth per stamp. To calculate this for your customers, simply add 2 columns to your downloaded file, one called 'Conversion Rate', and the second called 'Stamps', see the table below for an example.

EmailPointsConversion RateStamps
[email protected]500
[email protected]300

Now add your conversion rate to each row, lets say in this example 10 points equals 1 stamp. Then in the Stamps column, divide Points by Conversion Rate, and you will get your final Stamps amount.

EmailPointsConversion RateStamps
[email protected]5001050
[email protected]3001030

Make sure you copy the Conversion Rate and Stamps formula for all your customers.

3. Import Into ShopHub

That's the maths done. Now go ahead and download the .csv sample file from ShopHub, and paste in your customer email addresses and their Stamps.

Finally, load that file into the ShopHub, and you're ready to go!


If you have any questions on this topic, or would like us to guide you through and help with any steps, get in touch any time at [email protected], and we'll get right back to you.

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